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Sleep. It’s something that all of us do, but in recent years, science has revealed that many of us are doing it poorly, and getting less of it than we should.

As best-selling books like Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker have brought greater awareness to the problem of sleep deprivation, the market for tech-based sleep aids, including apps, and wearable sleep technology has grown exponentially. Between the Apple and Android App stores, there are 100,000 health-related apps, a large portion of which are either partially, or entirely focused on sleep.

The challenge for a smaller sleep health company with a unique product is to find a way to stand out amongst a sea of competitors and carve out its own market share, and this is why Dreaminzzz reached out to ClassGrowth for help.

Dreaminzzz are a small French sleep health company with an innovative wearable product & app that’s designed to help users optimize their sleep patterns through the power of soft lighting aids and hypnosis.

How the Hypnose mask works

The team at Dreaminzzz have developed an eye mask fitted with LED lighting that integrates with a series of guided hypnosis sessions on their app, Hypnos. Whether used with the mask or standalone, Hypnos has sessions designed to help users fall, and stay asleep, as well as a series of other guided sessions for reducing stress and anxiety, and even increasing athletic performance.

The app can be used with or without the mask, but some programs require the purchase of the mask. The app is free, but also comes with a paid version.

Before reaminzzz contacted ClassGrowth, the team had done little in the way of marketing, and their app and product was receiving miniminal traction, and had limited exposure outside of France.

The Goal

Given the size of the sleep app market, Dreaminzzz needed a way to stand out amongst the competition and carve out a space of its own. Their goals included:

  1. a) Increase the number of app installations
  2. b) Increase the conversions rates from free to the paid version of the app
  3. c) Reduce the cost per installation

To achieve this, the team at ClassGrowth devised a two-step plan for Dreaminzzz to reach its goals, beginning first with App Store Optimization.

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) is often referred to as app store SEO (Search Engine Optimization) due to ASO and traditional SEO. While many of the metrics between the two are similar, such as keywords in the title and on-page copy, and click-through rate, ASO has some ranking factors that are unique to the app store. These include:

  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Total Number of Downloads
  • App Usage
  • Uninstall Rate

In other words, apps with limited or poor reviews, low downloads and usage rates with a high uninstallation rate will rank poorly in search engine results.

In a highly competitive and already saturated market like sleep and wellness apps, optimizing for the above factors is essential, but can also be extremely challenging.

For a small France-based company looking at expanding into other French-speaking nations, gaining traction was going to be an uphill battle- but one that the team at ClassGrowth was well prepared for.

Google Play preview

App Store preview

The Challenge

For a small app with a low ASO ranking and limited exposure, improving ASO metrics can be difficult. In a sense, being able to improve these metrics is only possible when you have high enough rankings, in the first place- and setting out to improve them is very much a Catch-22 situation.

But an improved ASO ranking and more installations were only half of the project requirements. We also needed a solution for increasing the existing user-base to upgrade to paid, premium users.

What our team needed to do was devise a solution to improve all of the ASO ranking factors that would improve Hypnos visibility, user experience, engagement and ultimately improve the number of installations and conversions.

The Solution

The solution involved a number of strategies that straddled both goals of improving ASO as well as increasing the conversion rate to the premium app. 


Updating the design to something more current, eye-catching and visually appealing was one of the first steps to improving Hypnos ASO ranking. This would include the banner that appears in search engine results to improve CTR, as well as the carousel that appears on the app page to increase the app page conversion rate, and increase the number of downloads.

Our team of designers created an eye-catching, on-brand imagery to increase both of these metrics, and ultimately increased the number of downloads. 

Facebook ads creative


Our team of expert copywriters re-wrote the app store page. For the copy to be effective, we needed to target specific keywords that differentiated Hypnos from the competition as well as clearly outlining the unique features and benefits of the app.

Push Notifications

App usage and the number of positive reviews are some of the most important ranking factors there are, and so reminding users to leave reviews, as well as using the app are excellent ways to improve both of these metrics. Along with the number of installations, these metrics are the most important ranking factors for both the iOS and Android App Stores, and so devising a push notification strategy based on user behavior is an essential part of optimizing for these metrics.

Our team put in place a push notification strategy that was based on the app user’s behavior, and targeted the ideal times for maximum efficacy.

Email Sequences

A portion of all app users will either ignore, or hide push notifications, and so to ensure we reached and engaged all of Dreaminzzz user base, ClassGrowth also crafted an email sequence.

These sequences were designed to remind users to leave reviews as well keeping them engaged with the brand, using the app and upgrade to the premium version.

Father’s day Email

Mother's day Email

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns

Now that the basics of ASO were covered, to get the ball rolling, we then needed to launch a series of PPC campaigns.

In total, Class Growth ran 6 PPC campaigns which targeted both France, and other French speaking countries, separately. These campaigns were run for android and apple store as well as sequential re-targeting campaigns for each platform.

Facebook Ads Manager

The Results

Over a period of 6 months, here are the results from our work with Dreaminzzz:

  • Before working with ClassGrowth Dreaminzzz had approximately 10,000 users, mostly within France, in the companies 4 year history
  • After only 6 months, Hypnos had 7,800 installations, nearly doubling the existing user base in a matter of months!
  • The cost-per-Installation was reduced from $4-$1 when compared with Dreaminzzz previous campaigns
  • An app that appears 10th, or less in search engine results has a median CTR of 0.3% or less. Across all campaigns, our average CTR was 0.84%, with the iOS and android app store campaigns hitting 0.95% and 1.2%, respectively.
  • The average review rating went from 3.7 to 4.1 stars


In sum, in a matter of months, Dreaminzzz nearly doubled the number of installations they’d seen over the course of the company’s year history while reducing the cost per installation by 4-1. They’re now well on their way to becoming a market leader in the French sleep app market, and have seen results that they could have only dreamed of!

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