Lakewood University's Strategy for Increased Enrollment and Applicant Growth

Case Study


Lakewood University has been setting new standards of excellence in education since its establishment in 1998. With a global reputation as a leader in self-guided distance learning, the university offers a wide range of study options, career-focused instruction, and comprehensive support to students. 

This case study provides an in-depth analysis of the strategies implemented by Lakewood University to address the challenges of generating a 90% increase in applicants and boosting overall enrollment by 20%.

Client Objectives and Challenges

Lakewood University faced two primary challenges in its pursuit of growth: 

  1. Increasing the number of qualified applicants
  2. Achieving a significant boost in overall enrollment. 


These challenges demanded a comprehensive strategy that encompassed various aspects of marketing, communication, and process optimization.

The Solution

  1. Designing and Optimizing High-Converting Landing Pages:

Lakewood University recognized the critical role that landing pages play in converting prospective students into applicants. We conducted extensive research and implemented data-driven design principles to create landing pages that were visually appealing, user-friendly, and optimized for conversion. A/B testing was conducted to identify the most effective elements, such as compelling headlines, clear calls-to-action, and persuasive content. By continuously refining and optimizing these landing pages, we were able to maximize conversion rates. 

  1. Rewrite Ad Copy to Ensure Compliance:

To maintain compliance with government regulations governing educational institutions, we prioritized the rewriting of ad copy across the different marketing channels. This effort promoted transparency, trust, and credibility among prospective students, fostering a positive brand image.


  1. Implementing Automated Processes for Applicant and Customer Information:

To streamline the application and enrollment processes, we automated different processes that efficiently handled applicant and customer information. These systems facilitated seamless data collection, processing, and storage, reducing manual errors and ensuring the security and privacy of sensitive information. Automated processes also enabled faster response times to inquiries and application submissions, enhancing the overall experience for prospective students and improving conversion rates.


  1. Targeted Marketing Campaigns:

We implemented targeted marketing campaigns to reach a wider audience of potential students. Through research and analysis, we identified key demographics and tailored its messaging and advertising strategies to resonate with those specific target markets. This helped us increase brand visibility and attract more qualified leads.

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Results and Achievements

  1. Consistent Generation of Prospective Students:

The implementation of the aforementioned strategies resulted in a significant increase in the number of prospective students. 

We successfully generated a consistent influx of 200-300 prospective students every month, surpassing the initial goal of a 90% increase in applicants. 

Our efforts to enhance the marketing approach and optimize the messaging resonated with potential students, leading to higher engagement and interest in its programs.

  1. Timely Execution with No Delays:

Adhering to strict timelines and meeting deadlines became a hallmark for this project. Our ability to deliver high-quality work within the designated timeframes instilled trust and confidence between us and Lakewood University


  1. Optimized Cost-per-Lead (CPL) and Conversion Rate:

The continuous refinement and optimization of landing pages, ad copy, and automated processes resulted in improved performance metrics. We achieved an optimized Cost-per-Lead (CPL) range of $11 to $14 on average, demonstrating a cost-effective approach to acquiring applicants. Additionally, the conversion rate experienced a notable increase due to the enhanced user experience, targeted marketing campaigns, and compliance-focused messaging.


  1. Significant Revenue Generation:

The successful implementation of the enrollment strategy led to a substantial revenue growth for Lakewood University. By attracting more qualified applicants and achieving a 20% boost in overall enrollment, the university generated $30,000 in revenue during the current year. This revenue growth reinforced the financial sustainability of the institution and provided resources to further enhance the quality of education and student support services.


Our strategic approach to address the challenges of generating a 90% increase in applicants and boosting enrollment by 20% has yielded remarkable results. 


Our focus on designing and optimizing high-converting landing pages, ensuring compliance in ad copy, implementing automated processes, and conducting targeted marketing campaigns has successfully attracted a steady stream of prospective students. 


The optimized CPL and conversion rate, along with the significant revenue generated, underscore the effectiveness of the strategies employed. Lakewood University‘s commitment to excellence in education, combined with our innovative enrollment strategy, solidifies its position as a leader in the field of self-guided distance learning.

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