Case study Lucy Gough

With Lucy Gough

0 – Let me present you Lucy’s story

Lucy Gough is an Interior Stylist who has been in the industry for over 11 years.

Lucy has worked from the ground up to build an incredibly successful freelance career as an Interior Stylist

Just over a decade ago Lucy started shadowing other stylists to get as much experience as possible and now she is styling for some of the biggest businesses in the world (John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Dulux and about 100 more..) and has become one of the best interior stylists in the UK.

She created a website to showcase her portfolio and also wrote an award winning blog. This was all because she wanted to share her passion with the community.

Lucy also created a small but loyal and interactive community on Instagram.

But she wanted to do more.

It was impossible to do 1-2-1 coaching because it would have been time consuming with her young family.

Lucy had had an idea for over 12 months but finally took the time to build it when the pandemic hit: an online course!

Lucy worked day and night to build it and had more time than usual to write it because all her freelance work came to a halt when the world stopped turning.

She decided to launch it at the beginning of lockdown in may 11, 2020 (with a pre-launch during april):

Lucy posted on Instagram, on Facebook and on her Blog. She also sent an email to an old email list. Lucy shared her online course with anybody that she thought might be interested!

Thanks to this, Lucy sold 110 enrollments in 2 months.

But then, the sales decreased and Lucy couldn’t do anything about that.

Lucy didn’t understand anything to do with analytics or algorithms and struggled to increase sales on her own.

This is when we contacted Lucy.

We stepped in and did our best work. Thanks to this, Lucy went from £4 000 in July to £17 500 in September.

This means a growth of 440 %

We knew that it was completely possible because we have already done something like that with Irina Cumberland

How have we done that?

1 – This is our process to go from never running ads to a real ads machine!

We already know how an online course works because focus on this industry at Classgrowth.

1 : First steps

The first two weeks, we work on the funnel (Sales page, app onboarding) and we build Facebook assets (custom events, pixel, audience, creatives, copies).

We are very passionate about the course that we worked on. That’s why we love to ask our customers a lot of questions!

After that, everything is clear in our mind and we can move further.

We started to work on the landing page because it is pointless to drive traffic toward a landing page that doesn’t convert.

Lucy landing page was not very strong so we improved it.

Within 2 weeks, everything was ready.

2 : Launching ads

Sometimes, people ask us why it is important to start with a simple funnel. They think that they should spent a lot of time to build a lead capture funnel with a brilliant email sequence.

At ClassGrowth, we think that it is a waste of time. You have to test the easiest funnel and then figure out if it is working or not!

At the beginning you just need to focus on the basics:

  • The tracking (to collected some data and see if it is working)
  • The creatives and the copies
  • The landing page

That’s why, with Lucy, we didn’t lose our time.

In 11 days, everything was ready. So we launched our first ads.

And in 2 two weeks, the result was really good :

We started to optimise them. We figured out to find the best goal of the campaign. We skyrocketed the ads.

From the beginning, Lucy was happy because the performances were really good. That’s why she wanted to take her online course to the next level. That’s meant to increase the price.


Lucy was happy so she wanted to increase the price for the first time (but not the last 😉

And for a second time, two weeks later:

But the ads were working really well. So we didn’t want to break the facebook algorithm.

Our team members are really skillful as you can see on the following screenshot 😉

So we waited a little bit.

But 1 months later the ads were still performing well. Lucy couldn’t wait anymore, she really wanted to increase the price.

At Classgrowth the client is the king. We make all the decisions according to you!


It was not a small task because changing the price takes a lot of time.


So, our goal was to rebuild everything with the new price and it was a little bit risky.


So just before launching all the ads with a new price, we wanted to send a last email to her database.


We write an email sequence with 3 simple emails.

Basically we just said that the price is going to increase in 4 days.

We launched the bomb on September 28 th at 12:00.


It worked really well…

As you can see on this screenshot, Lucy did £ 4,573 in 12 hours!

September 28 th, we launched the ads with a new price.

Here are our results:

As you can see, we kill the game in September. It was the best month for lucy.


We are very honest with our metrics. So here are all the results of the Facebook ads:

We always started with the simplest goal : Cold.


But retargeting ads are the most powerful :

In global we killed it : 

We went from never running ads to an average ROI of 7.2 in 2,5 months

2 - Next steps

We are going to solidify the machine. To do so we want to do some email marketing.

We build everything from scratch with our best tool : Leadpages.

Within a couple of days, everything was ready. We launch the lead capture ads.

Moreover, we are retargeting people that went on this page with our Facebook ads.

This kind of technical stuff is called multi-touch.

This is really powerful.

We are also going to start using Pinterest ads. We know that it is a great place to do some advertising in this niche.

In conclusion, this is not a secret. Lucy is one of the best in her industry. So, she created one of the best online courses. That’s the secret.

The best product with the hardest workers sells the best

We hope this case study helped you!

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