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Modern Academy

Our work with Modern Academy Cancun began in May 2021. As a cutting-edge international school offering a progressive model of learning to students from pre-K through high school, they developed a home study course (IDEAL) to meet the needs of kids and their parents, in an ever-changing COVID world. 

MACC knew they offered the quality and model of online learning that students and parents were looking for…innovative, individualized, project-based learning designed to make kids future-ready.


They offered a solution to the problem that many families around the world were facing – a rollercoaster of disruptions to learning in-class and online, where families were at the mercy of unpredictable changes in the school year. Also, MACC’s experience with technology meant they offered an engaging online curriculum that far surpassed what was being offered by most schools.


They came to us to initially increase brand awareness. With so many home study courses being developed in response to the pandemic, they needed to showcase the qualities that made them the A+ choice.


The course was ready but they were struggling to increase the number of students and their sales. They needed our help to get that ‘gold star’. 

Our first step with MACC was to give their website a refresh. We added:

This seemingly simple change to the CTA button was a game-changer.

Our goal was to elevate the profile of the school by changing from a  ‘book a call’ model to a selection process. Instead of a 30-minute call accessible to anyone, parents now had to apply through a selection process.

By making the process of applying more ‘exclusive’, interest in the program was peaked and sales grew immediately.

To increase brand awareness, we began testing new audiences each month, with graphics and messages that showed how IDEAL was the best choice for:

We began with a series of ads that appealed to parents of children in sports, the arts, and other extracurricular interests. These included real-life testimonials from IDEAL students. 

Check out the results of this ad campaign:

NOTE: $100 (Mexican Peso) = $4.5 (US Dollars)

Average cost/purchase = $12,5 USD & Total Spent = $5591,01 USD

We also got great results with an infographic that clearly showed the pros of learning with IDEAL vs. a traditional online program.

The most successful ad in the campaign was the carousel ads that touched on all of the above, with an emphasis on the advantages for parents and students looking for a general homeschool option:

By July and August, we expanded from targeting the Mexican audience to other South American countries. The reason for this was two-fold; the Mexican target markets had already purchased and/or started the course. Knowing that the school-year calendar in the other countries was different, this opened up possibilities for parents and kids in other countries to join the IDEAL learning community in January.

With help from ClassGrowth, MACC increased their subscription rate substantially and experienced an increase on the return of  their ad spending of over 800%! By testing and targeting the right markets we not only increased subscriptions but helped MACC develop a campaign strategy for ongoing growth:

By working with us at ClassGrowth, the future is looking brighter for MACC, and because of IDEAL’s unique and future-forward brand of teaching and learning.

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