Case study micro acquisitions

With Ryan Kulp

The initial situation

Ryan Kulp is a successful entrepreneur and marketeer. He bought a small company named Notify (now Fomo), grew it to 7 figures per year and sold it. Then, he decided to launch micro acquisitions, an online course to teach entrepreneurs how to buy, grow and sell small companies. You can check it here.

Ryan is not a beginner in the online course industry as he already launched 7 different courses. He got +12,000 enrollments with one of them.

He had already made 5 figures with micro acquisitions when we met him for the first time. However, he was looking for a new acquisition channel, more automatic, to save his time. That’s why he wanted to try paid acquisition and started working with us.

Within the first 3 months we:
– Analysed and improved his funnel.
– Found high quality leads through paid marketing.
– Get a 6.2X Return on investment with some campaigns.

STEP 1 – Create a funnel that converts

At ClassGrowth, we always start working on your funnel. Because it is useless to put water in a drilled bucket. Ryan had already did an amazing work on his funnel. His landing page was great. We just needed to improve it a little bit.

1- An efficient landing page.

We won’t be too specific here as we already wrote a full article about how to create a landing page that converts for your online course. You can check it just here.

But the idea below was to be very clear about the value proposition, and explain to the visitors why they should buy this course instead of another one. We show the visitors that Ryan has the “street cred” to teach how to buy, grow and sell small companies as he has already done it more than 10 times.

But the best way to tell your visitors why they should buy this course instead of another one, is to let your current customers speak on your behalf. We added a preview of the best 6 testimonials Ryan had, and we displayed a button to check +30 other reviews. If you don’t have already +30 amazing reviews, no worries, you can display testimonials from people you work with in your industry. But if you already have recommendations, display as many as you can on your website!

2- A unique email sequence.

You can easily get 5 000 emails subscribers to discover your course and yourself. You can check how we did it with Irina within 2 months just here. However, the risk is you will have a bad open rate (less than 30%), and a bad click rate (less than 8%). So you won’t make a lot of sales. Worse still, your email address will be classified as a spam address.

Ryan got an amazing idea and we went for something very different this time. Something to get replies. Something to increase Ryan’s emails deliverability and start chatting with hot leads before closing!

STEP 2 – Find the right audience on Facebook and Instagram ads.

There are a lot of tactics to find the right audience on Facebook and Instagram ads. But the most powerful one is to use the algorithms. We set the right conditions in the business manager platforms to make these algorithms perform at their best.

And from there you just need to build compelling creatives. The goal of a creative is to make your audience stop scrolling.

If you make the right people stop, then the right people will subscribe. Therefore, the algorithms will understand who you are targeting and they will get better next time.

But everything starts with an efficient creative. We already wrote an article about how to build these kind of creatives. You can check it just here. However let’s take a look at some examples below :).

1- Build efficient creatives for cold ads.

We started building creatives for cold ads. So, the people seeing the ads had never heard of Ryan or his course before.

With your creative you need to make the audience targeted stop scrolling their feed. Here, we are targeting mainly entrepreneurs while they are using Instagram or Facebook. We triggered their curiosity by using an surprising picture of Mark Zuckerberg. Sorry dear Mark. But entrepreneurs will definitely stop scrolling if they see that into their feed.

Then you need to be very clear about what this post is about. Here: Launch a successful business. This is enough to make people read the copy of the ad or click on the link.

Creatives used on Facebook and Instagram Ads.

And from there, as you’ll see below we started receiving a lot of answers from amazing entrepreneurs: agency owners, startuppers, attorneys…

2- Build efficient creatives for retargeting ads.

We will never say this enough. The best way to target the right audience and to get amazing results with your ads, is to target people that already know you. These ads are named retargeting ads. You can launch them as soon as you set up your Pixel on your website.

Basically, you are targeting people who already visited you website, or downloaded your app, but who have not purchased yet. So be careful with the creative. It would be useless to target them with the same creatives you used with cold ads. Indeed, they already checked your offer, but they have not bought yet. Why not? This is the question you need to ask yourself. They did not buy it because they had an objection. It can be:

– The price is too expensive.
– I’m not sure the content is great.
– …

So you need to kill these objections with an efficient creative. With Ryan, we killed it by showing amazing testimonials.

And it worked, people started replying to emails convinced that the course is a “no brainer at that price”. We are talking about a $250 course.

STEP 3 – Get a 6.2X Return on investment with some campaigns.

By implementing correctly these basic marketing techniques, you will be able to get an interesting ROI with your campaigns as you’ll see below. This is the first step to grow an empire with your course. In fact, thanks to your profitability, you will be able to invest more in ads and hire skilful people to work with you, get better results, and save your time.

6.2X Return On Investment.
“$80 cost per acquisition on a $199 course. I’ll take unlimited of those.”

Ryan happy with the results 😂

oday Ryan has reached 6 figures and he has already launched a new course! Congratulations to him :).

We hope this case study helped you!

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