From Victim to Warrior Method - Empowering Abuse Survivors

Case Study


Our work with the Victim to Warrior Method began in March 2023. The Victim to Warrior Method was developed by Melissa, a survivor of narcissistic abuse who spent 7 terrifying years married to a dangerous narcissist. Not only did he aim to destroy her mentally and physically, but he also targeted her financially.

Melissa, drawing upon her expertise from a lifelong career in the financial industry, managed to protect herself from complete financial ruin while rebuilding her life. Inspired by her own journey, she created the Victim to Warrior Method to provide others with the same steps and guidance she used. Her goal was to empower victims to reclaim their freedom, independence, self-confidence, and financial stability. She aimed to help individuals transition from being victims to becoming warriors, taking control of their lives and rediscovering self-love and happiness.

Client Objectives and Challenges

Our partnership with the Victim to Warrior Method began two months after they launched their course. Their primary objectives were to increase leads and enhance their overall marketing strategy. They felt their efforts were not gaining enough traction and wanted to highlight the course’s value proposition, which focused on financial independence and self-love.

Additionally, they sought guidance on improving their social media strategy, including identifying the most effective channels and creating engaging content. Although their course had significant value, they struggled to generate leads, attract individuals interested in personal growth, and drive traffic to their platforms.

The Solution

Our initial step with the Victim to Warrior Method was to shift their approach and prioritize lead generation. We developed a strategy centered around providing value and building trust through a masterclass. 

To add a personal touch, we offered free 15-minute coaching calls with Melissa for a limited time.

Our Approach

We ensured the booking process for these calls was seamless, as it became a significant source of income. Around 70% of masterclass attendees would book a call, and from those, 15% would be upsold to paid 1:1 weekly coaching sessions.

To increase traffic and brand awareness, we adjusted the segmentation based on the realization that 95% of their audience consisted of females. Our designs and communications were tailored to directly appeal to women, targeting specific groups such as:

  • Women currently struggling in narcissistic relationships with their romantic partners


  • Women who have left their narcissistic partners and are starting to rebuild their lives


  • Women facing challenges with narcissistic friends, parents, or bosses, seeking or already committed to making a positive change

Results and Achievements

Our campaign yielded impressive results, with one ad featuring Melissa, the course creator, performing exceptionally well. The ad showcased the transformation individuals could achieve after breaking free from a narcissistic relationship and escaping the pain.

By May, we had acquired over 300 leads and were generating approximately $700 per week from 1:1 coaching calls. We also encouraged the Victim to Warrior Method to join TikTok and leverage their personal experiences to create engaging videos. In just one month, their videos garnered over 400k views, contributing to increased brand awareness and overall traffic.

With ClassGrowth‘s assistance, the Victim to Warrior Method witnessed substantial growth in leads each week, experienced an overflow of booked calls, and achieved a 15% conversion rate for 1:1 coaching clients, which continues to rise. Additionally, our collaboration helped them enhance their online branding by tapping into a new sales channel with TikTok.

Our partnership with the Victim to Warrior Method is ongoing, and we look forward to continuing our support in their journey towards empowering abuse survivors and helping them reclaim their lives.

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