Case Study - Queen Clairie

With Claire de Belloy

The initial situation

Queen Clairie is a French mobile app teaching people how to sing better. When they first came to us, they had recorded a full program with almost 100 videos to teach people how to sing.

The product was ready, but they were struggling to increase the number of students and their sales. That is why we started working together.

Within the first 2 months, we reached 3 main goals:
– Growing the app from 391 to 21,700 users.
– Increasing the revenues from $0 to $30K in subscription.
– Skyrocketing profitability.

This is how we did it…

STEP 1 – From 391 to 21,700 free students

This is the easy part. It’s basic marketing.

When we start working with a new creator, the first thing we do is study your course, your competition, and your target audience during the first 7 days!

After those 7 days, it is easy for us to define:
– Where to find your next customers (Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Pinterest, and so on)
– What photos or videos to use to catch their attention
– What copies to write to trigger an emotion and make them discover the course


So as you can see, with Clairie we started running ads on Facebook and Instagram. And with a good creative and the perfect message, we grew their student base from 391 to 21,700 students!

STEP 2 – From $0 to $30K in subscriptions

This was the second challenge we faced. At the beginning, the app was attracting more students, but those students were only watching the free courses and they left. So the app was not making any sales.

In this situation, a lot of marketers would have said: “Guys, you need to invest to improve your product and maybe drop the price”.

We did the opposite. We chose to raise the price to increase the perceived value. And we chose to remove some features in the product to make it easier to use. We also decreased the number of free courses from 10 to 3.

We implemented those changes on March 18th. Check the results below.

STEP 3 – Increasing profitability

If you want to create an empire with your online course, you need to invest money to increase profitability.

We implemented 3 main actions to increase profitability:

1 – Create a community

We created a Facebook group that all the app users can access. Users who already paid the full access to the program and users who did not.

The free students in the Facebook group were able to see posts from premium users – who were improving – thanks to the app. They noticed that the premium users were happy with their purchase. This killed their main objection: Is it worth it?

The main lesson here is that a way to improve your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) is to work on things outside your ads like a YouTube channel, a good Instagram account, or even a Facebook group. Good social media is really important.

2 – Run Retargeting Ads with a 20X ROI (Return On Investment)

Well, I’m sure it already happened to you. You visit a website to check an online course, and then when you go back to Facebook or Instagram, you see ads from this course. This is a retargeting ad. It is not easy to run efficient retargeting ads. You need to be careful with the budget you invest and your frequency. You also need to adapt your creatives and your copies. If done well, they are the most profitable ads.

As you’ll see below, this kind of campaign can get you an extra 60K per year.

3 – Run more than 1,500 various ads on Facebook and Instagram

The power of social media advertising in 2020 is its algorithms. You need to understand exactly how these algorithms work to reach your ads’ full potential.

One way to perform is to upload a lot of different creatives in the machine. Because the more it can test different versions, the more data it will get and the more efficient it will become.

Also, uploading a lot of creatives allows you to refresh the content your target audience is seeing on social media. Maybe you did not succeed to catch their attention with your first creative. But with 1,500 ads combinations, you are much more likely to succeed.

We hope this case study helped you!

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