SEO Visibility in 2024: Preparing Your Online Courses for Changes

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an evolving field, especially important for the visibility and success of online courses. As we approach 2024, several changes in SEO are anticipated, driven by advancements in technology and changes in user behavior.    Understanding and preparing for these changes is about maintaining good SEO visibility and using new opportunities […]

Gift vs. Discount: A/B Testing in Online Course Promotion Emails

In email marketing, A/B testing is considered the systematic approach to compare two variants of an email to determine which performs better in a specific context. When it comes to online course promotion, especially during the holiday season, course creators often contemplate whether to offer gifts or discounts. Let’s discuss the application of A/B testing […]

The ABCs of PPC Tools for Effective Campaigns

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a primary component of digital marketing, where businesses pay a fee each time their ad is clicked. For beginners, understanding PPC can seem terrifying, but with the right tools, it becomes a manageable and effective marketing strategy. PPC tools make various aspects of a campaign easier, such as keyword research and […]

Why User Reviews Matter for Success in Public Health Courses

User reviews and testimonials are important in marketing online public health courses since they provide direct feedback from students who have completed these public health courses, often in the form of written comments, numerical ratings, video testimonials, or social media endorsements.    A BrightLocal Consumer Review Survey (2020) found that 87% of consumers browse and […]

Scarcity Tactics in CTAs: Effective for Business Courses?

Have you ever noticed how a ‘limited-time offer’ or ‘only a few seats left’ message grabs your attention? That’s the power of scarcity tactics at work. Rooted deeply in our human psyche, the idea that something is in limited supply or running low often makes people perceive it as more valuable.    Potential enrolled for […]

First Impressions Matter: Welcome Email Elements to Consider

For educators and course creators, that digital ‘hello’ usually comes in the form of a welcome email. Apart from being a ceremonial greeting, a welcome email is designed to convey information, set expectations, and lay the foundations for a fruitful and engaging learning experience.   The approach and correct email elements can influence learners’ perceptions, […]

How Healthcare Webinars Enhance Access to Health Education

Access to quality healthcare education is a must in preparing future healthcare professionals for their roles. For course creators targeting healthcare students, ensuring the accessibility of essential learning resources is a top priority.      Healthcare webinars, whether conducted live or recorded, offer numerous advantages that significantly enhance the availability of health education. Here’s how […]

User Experience (UX) Essentials for Beginner Courses: What to Keep in Mind

UX design for beginner courses is about making learning easy and fun for new learners. Designing a beginner course can have its challenges, but there are basic rules to help. Certain foundational UX design principles exist to steer course creators in the right direction, always prioritizing the novice learner’s journey and experience.     Here […]