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Email Marketing

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Email marketing is one of the most underutilized marketing options overall, making it a great place to stand out and build a solid brand. 

Email marketing is typically cheaper than other forms of traffic for various factors. Klaviyo and Active Campaign are popular and powerful options for integrating email marketing into your marketing efforts.

 You can send out large marketing campaigns to warm traffic that has shown interest in hearing from you. With this in mind, it allows for the marketing to be personalized to your audience in your tone or content. 

Typical email marketing campaigns can be broken down into two main categories. 

1.Sales Email
2.Value Email 

With sales emails, your goal is to push someone towards purchasing. While value emails are used to build your brand, handle objections, and build a relationship with potential customers. 

You are expanding your brand by giving it a voice through email marketing. Your email lists are secret treasures when used properly and build a real connection with your audience. The reward comes from generating sales with cheap, interested traffic. If you are collecting emails and not using them OR not using them well, keep reading to get some tips we have learned along the way. 

email marketing strategy

What Makes A Good Email

To write a good email, you need to focus on your objective for that email. 

So the first step to creating a great email is to pick between the value email or a sales email. 

With value emails, the focus should be on informing the audience. You’ve probably signed up for a newsletter to learn something about your interests. When the audience is receiving value from you, this does a few great things for us. First, it creates a sense of authority and positions you as an expert.

To get ideas for your own value emails, look into what you can share that is relevant to your audience. 

People learn valuable information from your emails. So the experience makes what you are selling much more appealing to these customers. When they know you provide value in your free email list, selling is much easier. 

With sales-focused emails, you are shifting the message from informative to problem solver. Our audiences all have problems, and that is what we fix with the courses. Getting potential students to see that means we have to show them the problem and solution. 

There are many different formats for writing copy, so let’s go over some of the basic ones anyone can implement right now. 

email marketing strategy

This an easy-to-follow format to write better emails. Here is where you will grab their attention in the subject line and follow up with that in the email’s opening line. 

Your subject line could look something like this:

 (Leads Name), ____ is holding you back from ___

Then expand on what this problem is stopping this person from achieving right now. You would fill in the blanks with the common problem affecting your audience and what it is stopping them from getting. 

An important consideration for any email is that you have to gain attention in the first lines and keep them reading. You catch their attention by creating a scenario where the reader can likely relate to themselves. This will keep them reading all the way to the offer. 

After you have gained their attention, you need to make them interested in fixing this problem. A common way to do this is by building up the side effects of the problem for a character and showing that character overcoming by learning the solution. Once you have built up the interest and exposed the solution to the problem, you move into desire.

With desire, you start creating a vision where the prospect can fix this problem for themselves. Others have done it, you’ve done it, now it is their turn to fix this problem. The pain brought up before starts to work on the prospect because they are reminded of the problem and know they can fix it now. 

It is essential to end your emails with action, even the value email style. This action can be to purchase or claim a special discount or simply visit a new blog post or something informative on your socials. Regardless, you want your email list to get used to clicking through from your emails, and a call to action builds this into your audience. 

I like AIDA because of how versatile it can be. You can use this to handle many different types of emails for sales and even value-based emails.

Tips/Tricks Section

So now that we have the basics for quality emails, you may be wondering where to start. 

Research is incredibly useful when planning out marketing. For email marketing, one trick I like to use is to sign up for competitor’s email lists to see what they are doing. You will get to know your audience’s pain points, what they like to buy, what they have tried, and so much more. You can look for ideas you want to use and parts that could be better to form a campaign.

It is essential to find a balance between sales emails and informative value-based emails. People don’t like constantly being sold on something, but when you have spent the last 3-6 emails dropping value, they will be more receptive to your sales offer. 

You can share important news about yourself for value emails, such as a recent accomplishment or a milestone in your business. Some other ideas are newsletters about niche-specific topics or quick tips that could benefit the audience. It is important to sit down and really think about what your audience likes and incorporate it into your email writing. 

With all marketing, when you are writing specifically to that audience in a style that resonates with them you get better results. You may have to test a few different angles and styles, but email marketing can bring you massive returns through sales once you find the proper approach. 

You can use emails to build a welcoming and branded experience after joining the course. They also serve as a good way to communicate directly to your most interested audience members. One way to create a unique experience is to break up the email with a relevant image or graphic expanding on a point. This will make readers stop and focus.

With emails, you can build “flows” for sales that bring up the problem, handle objections, and close the time-sensitive offer that will drive people to buy. In 3 emails, you can meet them at every objection and limitation and answer the objection that makes them buy. 

If you are sending emails to your list, check them over after reading this and see if you can’t make them more engaging. If you don’t have a list, start collecting emails from your traffic in your funnel so you can take advantage of this excellent marketing channel. 


Email marketing is a great tool to use, one we have used ourselves to get great results with our clients. You can use the tips and ideas in this article to spice up your email marketing and see if you can’t find a way to improve. 

Remember, when writing emails research and planning will save you heaps of time in the long run. 

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