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The initial situation

Hi guys! In this short article you will find a email sequence that converts, will help you to get answers from your audience, and start the discussion. As usual at ClassGrowth, we will give recommendations only for the online courses and coaching apps industry. Let’s go!

Email Sequence That Converts

Most of the course creators promote their courses through automatic email sequences.

Automatic email sequences are a compelling way of converting people who have shown interest in your subject to paying customers.

The major challenge for automatic email sequences is you need, at the same time, to:

– Gain credibility and trust – Bring value – Drive traffic to your sales page – Sell your course while overcoming all the objections the readers may have.

That’s why we came up with the idea of what we call engagement sequences.

Engagement sequences are an excellent way to do all those things in a more personalized and performing style:

Instead of sending automatic sequences subscribers won’t read, you try to engage with your subscribers.

Your goal at first is not to sell; you want to get replies from your subscribers.

This way, you’ll build a way more powerful relationship with them, they’ll trust you, and you’ll understand better their needs.

We recommend them in two situations:

High LTV (Life Time Value) products:
It’s when your clients have a high average basket, they usually have a lot of objections to overcome, and it’s profitable to invest some time to understand them and to convince them.

When your product is pretty new:
Engagement sequences are an excellent way to gather feedback and to improve your product.

How to create an engagement sequence?

People love to talk about themselves, so basically, you need to keep asking questions to the subscribers of your emails.

Then, when they reply, what you need to do is to guide them through your catalog, you have to create personalized answers to what they said.

« You should look at this article I wrote » « You should read the feedback of this client who followed my full program.»

Technically how does it work?

It’s a 3 emails sequence in which, instead of offering people to buy your course, you ask them to hit the reply button.

You need to let some space between each email of the sequence to give them time to answer your message.

All you need with the emails is to engage a conversation:


Email 1

Subject line:

Welcome First_name


Hey there,

Thanks for joining my newsletter!

Rather than pitch you anything, I would like to learn more about you and your goals.

Can you reply to this email with:

1) A few words about yourself 2) Your goals for 2020

Email 2

This one is only for people who did not reply to your first email.

Subject line:

Re: Welcome first name


Hey, I did not get your answer to my last email. Maybe you’re a bit shy, so I’ll start myself:

1) My name is Dylan; I’m the co-founder of Classgrowth.

2) My goal for 2020 is to help course creators increase their sales to 7 figures.

Email 3

Most of the people who did not reply to the first email won’t reply to this one… The purpose of this email is more of being a reminder to those who already replied but forgot about you.

Subject line:

Try to solve a very specific problem your audience is facing


This email is the visible part of the iceberg; you’ll share a valuable piece of content to the subscribers for free.

But they need to understand that, if they join the community/course, they will receive more of ultra-valuable content like this + they’ll be able to talk with the other likeminded people who joined the community/course.

So the plan of this email should be:

1) Share valuable content (you can use the content you already have).

2) Ask for questions/feedback about the content: – « How are you dealing with this problem?» – « What did you think of this solution?»

3) Tell them that this is only the visible part of the iceberg.

We hope this short article helped you ! If you want to get recommendations to improve your marketing, feel free to request your personalised video to ClassGrowth’s team

We hope this short article helped you ! If you want to get recommendations to improve your marketing, feel free to request your personalised video to ClassGrowth’s team👇

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