How to build compelling copies for your ads ?

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The initial situation

Hi guys! In this short article you will find a method to write efficient copies for your ads. As usual at ClassGrowth, we will give

recommendations only for the online courses and coaching apps industry. We will focus on Facebook and Instagram Ads. Let’s go!


To build compelling copies, you need first to define your assets:

Problem, bridge, transformation, alternative, uniqueness: those are your unique assets we’ll use to build compelling copies for your ads.


If you built an online course, you probably identified that a particular audience is facing a problem.  

Your online course should solve this particular problem better than any other alternative. You have to define this problem very specifically and all the consequences for your audience.  

For instance, if you build an online course to help people get energy by eating healthier food, you’re solving two problems for your audience:  

– The lack of energy

– The lack of knowledge about good food habits  


It’s how you’re going to solve their problem: For our current example, it could be:

– A list of recipes

– A day to day plan to eat healthier food

– Some videos to convey theoretical knowledge about food.


It’s the transformation one should expect by following your online course. For our current example, it could be:

– Having more energy

– Lose some weight

– A better understanding of what they eat.


If you’re solving a real problem, you should target people who are already using an alternative to your solution and are desperately looking for something better.  

If people do not currently use an alternative to your solution, maybe you’re not solving a real problem.  

Alternatives could be other online courses, but also totally different solutions, in our current example, a great alternative could be consulting a nutritionist.


Why is your solution unique?  

It can be about you as a creator of the course or about your course itself:  

Maybe you had a specific experience that helped you build a unique solution to your audience problem? Or perhaps there are some elements in your class that make it unique?


Once you have properly defined the problems, bridge, transformation, and uniqueness: creating effective copies becomes very easy!  

First, let’s see the different elements of an ad:

Each element of an ad is an opportunity for you to convey your message, let’s see them one by one.

Creative copy.

A creative is an image or a video, so, by definition, it does not necessarily include any text:

When we talk about a creative copy, we are more thinking about the message we want to convey through the image.

Let’s go back to our healthy food coaching example: A good creative for this online course could be showing a picture of somebody who’s the same age as our target audience eating healthy food.

Recently, we were invited to a Facebook conference, and they affirmed that 56% of the result of an ad is driven by the creative, before body copies or even audiences. So, this should be your primary focus area when creating an ad.

The first quality of a good creative is it makes people stop scrolling, it triggers their curiosity.
To do so: focus on emotions, for instance, if our target audience is frustrated that they are tired all the time, if they see somebody of the same age as them looking tired, this will trigger some emotions and curiosity.

Just upload your image, and Facebook will tell you if there is too much text.

The best creatives only convey one or two messages at a time; people are scrolling their feed; they won’t understand if you put several messages in your visual.

Here is how you can build your body copy:

1. Focus on the most significant problem your audience is facing

=> For instance, a picture of a tired woman for our healthy food coaching example.

2. Focus on the transformation your audience should expect

=> The Freeletcis picture above is a good example of that.

Body copy. This is where you’ll express your copywriting skills.

The common mistake is to talk about you instead of talking about your customers in your ad copies:

Selling online courses is different than selling high tech products. People buy them to get a transformation, they do not buy them because they are fancy.

We categorized 20 types of copies, our methodology is to use them to build various combinations of copies and build the ad.

You’ll find 3 of them below:

1. Articulate the problem, the bridge, and the transformation you defined earlier.

=> You feel tired […] join my mailing list, you’ll receive a list of recipes […] to finally get more energy. You’ll be able to be more productive at work and you’ll enjoy your free time instead of spending it exhausted.

2. Position yourself against an alternative

=> You want to improve your eating and you’re tired of those marketers promising you to lose 20 pounds in a month? And you neither have the money to invest in a professional $50/hour nutritionist? […]

3. Reference big numbers

=> According to the WHO (World Health Organization), the majority of pathologies responsible for 88% of deaths in developed countries could be avoided.

Headline copy:

Don’t neglect the headline, the user will read them before clicking on your ad. The headline should be where you tell the user what to do.

Different types of headline copies:

1. Focus on the most significant problem

2. Focus on the most prominent value proposition

3. Focus on the product itself

4. Focus on a special offer: « Get free coaching » « Get 30% off »…

Subtitle copy:

One of the core elements of an ad is to prove to people that what you’re selling is the best solution to their problem.

People will always think, « Maybe this is not suited to me » « Maybe they are not good enough to help me with my current problem… »

The most powerful tool to overcome those objections is social proof. Social proof is what gives you the legitimacy to sell at the current price in the eyes of the customer.

Social proof can be:

– Feedback of a happy customer

– A quote about you from somebody your audience trusts/admires

– The number of people you already helped

Use the subtitle section to include social proof and overcome the last objections the users may have before clicking.

We hope this short article helped you ! If you want to get recommendations to improve your marketing, feel free to request your personalised video to ClassGrowth’s team

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