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Masterclass is killing the game of online courses

Nowadays, Masterclass is dominating the online courses industry. This company has raised over 230 $ million while amassing a valuation of $800 million. It is insane. The idea is really simple: Successful people can teach you their secrets with masterclasses. From Gordon Ramsey to Stephen Curry, you can literally learn everything while sitting on your couch.

MasterClass marketing strategy

To be the best in your industry, your product and your marketing need to be perfect. Masterclass understands this perfectly.

We are going to focus in this article on their marketing strategy. Because this is our specialty at ClassGrowth.

Their marketing strategy is an amazing war machine.

Take a look at these numbers :

Organic Traffic (monthly): ~1.5-2M Visitors

Referring Domains: 12,000

Facebook: 1.7M Followers

Instagram: 2.1M Followers

YouTube: 654,000 Subs

Twitter: 58,000 Followers

It blew my mind! In this article, I will explain how it is possible!

They are always at the top in Google search:

Let’s start with their work with the SEO and Google search ads.

MasterClass marketing strategy

Searches for “MasterClass” are up 269% in the last 5 years


As you can see, they have an organic reach of 1,7 million people. This is insane! Moreover, the lockdown exploded their stats, from 579 830 to 1,7 million!

From 579 830 visitors per months to 1,7 million in 5 months!

The real question is, how is it possible to go from 579 820 to 1,7 million visitors per month within 6 months? 

1- They have an amazing ability to rank some really simple words.

Ranking in the top 3 for:

  • Allspice 
  • Cinematography
  • Mirepoix
  • Over easy eggs
  • Sirloin steak recipes

Masterclass’s team succeeds to do this because they share amazing content. Who knows omelets better than Ramsey? Who knows writing better than Rhimes?

This is the secret, awesome content with the best expert in the world. And this content will last as even in 5 years Gordon Ramsey will still be the best to teach omelets 😉

2- Masterclass is spending a lot on Google ads

First position thanks to google ads for: 

  • Steph Curry masterclass
  • Bbq cooking classes
  • Nature masterclass
  • Online mixology class.

3- The media loves to link to them. 

If a lot of trusted website share your content, then you are more likely to have a good SEO.

They’ve been featured in the NY Times (6x), Forbes (16x), The Guardian (4x), BusinessInsider (31x), CNBC (11x), LA Times (9x), I could go on… But you get the point. 

Again, this is thanks to their amazing content. This is the key. 

They are always at the top in Google search:

1- They reach new people every day thanks to cold ads.

At ClassGrowth, we believe that Facebook and Instagram are the best places to sell online courses. Masterclass hear our thoughts and are doing this perfectly (kidding ;)).

3 things to remember from their efficient cold ads:
– A lot of tests.
– Video content.
– Amazing quality.

If we go to their Facebook transparency, we know that right now they are running 640 ads.

I can’t count all of their ads but it seems that at least 50 % of their ads are videos! Why? Because 70 % of conversion is made thanks to videos on Facebook ads. Moreover, their videos look like Hollywood movies, so you are happy to watch their ads

6 ads with more than 1 million impressions


As a result, some of their ads made more than 1 million impressions! So we know for sure that for just the Paul Krugman ads, Masterclass spent at least $10 000! (1000 impressions = $10 on average). For one ad! And remember, they are running 640 ads right now. 

Now, let’s say you’re not sold after watching their ads and visiting their website for the first time. This is when remarketing will succeed to convince you.

2- They target you with retargeting ads, so you will never forget them. 

Already wondered how some brands were able to show you ads through Facebook or Instagram just after you visited their website? Well, this is because they are tracking you thanks to a tool named the Pixel.

We are in love with retargeting ads. Because they are the most profitable ones. At ClassGrowth, on average, our customers generate an extra $100K per year thanks to retargeting ads.

We already wrote an article about how to create efficient retargeting ads, you can check it here.

They provide a frictionless model to their visitors.

Instead of charging you for each individual class, they use an “all you can eat” approach. $15/mo for unlimited access. They’re the Netflix of learning.

Their subscription model lets them offer FREE TRIALS. This massively reduces friction in the buying process. And that reduces their cost per acquisition. Which creates a flywheel effect…

The more customers they have, the more money they earn, the more courses they can offer … Which makes their subscription even MORE valuable and easier to sell …

Masterclass has an amazing product. But moreover, their marketing is just perfect. They embrace content distribution. From Twitter & Facebook to YouTube and blogging – they distribute their content like wildfire.

If you think that MasterClass may be big now. I guarantee you that they’re going to become a juggernaut.

We hope this case study helped you!

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