How to sell courses priced above $500?

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The initial situation

Hi guys! If you’re reading this, you sell courses at a high-ticket price or you’re planning to. 

Selling an online course at a high price is all about trust:  

Who would give $500+ to a total stranger who has proven nothing to the potential buyer?  

The best way to build trust with your audience is to provide them value before talking about your course.  

From this constatation, we built to high performing frameworks to high-ticket online courses.

As usual at ClassGrowth, we will give recommendations only for the online courses and coaching apps industry. Let’s go!


If you have been selling online courses for a long time, you probably already know this strategy, it has nothing new, but even today, we manage to get outstanding results with this strategy.


The basic principle behind this strategy is that it’s easier to ask somebody to pay for your +500$ online course if this person already got value from a $27 ebook.

And obviously, it’s easier to sell a $27 ebook to a total stranger than a +500$ online course.

There are fewer barriers to entry for this person since not only is the ebook way cheaper, but also it takes way less time for the customer to read an ebook than following a completely online program.

If your online ads are great and your online course solves a real problem for your audience, you’ll even be able to earn money with the ebook alone.

But even if it is not the case, it can be interesting for you to sell the eBook at a loss and count it as a cost of acquisition for new customers.

Assuming that your ebook provides value to the customers, a significant proportion of them will be willing to know more about your full program and eventually buy it.

A few weeks after the customers bought your eBook (to let him/her some time to read it), you’ll send them a 3 emails sequence talking about your full online program.

To help you build powerful sequences, we created an email template that already got outstanding results for our customers. One of them had 25% of the people in the email sequence buy the full program.

2 – OUR SECRET SAUCE – The 4 videos strategy:

We built a second strategy that got us even better results with the creators we work with. We’ll be happy to share it with you.

We hope this short article helped you ! If you want to get recommendations to improve your marketing, feel free to request your personalised video to ClassGrowth’s team👇

Sell Courses Priced Above $500

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